Youtube + Google

Youtube + Google = shit. 'Nuff said.

(I have NEVER used Youtube more than just to look up a song or something once in a while until like last week; the day I finally start kind of using it, I already know it's shit. Finding out that soon is not good.)

Final Fantasy 7 + Languages

Yay, I finally got to play Final Fantasy for the first time in, like, a couple of years! I got my PS2 out, popped that baby in, and had sooo much fun..found out I had a saved-game that was a lot further along than I expected...all limit breaks (might be the first time I actually got Omnislash—I normally don't bother!), all ultimate weapons, gold chocobo...just a bunch of stuff I forgot I had done. So I finally decided to take it once step further and do something I had never done before—beat Ruby Weapon!

(Warning: pretty long post up ahead, mainly about Final Fantasy—if you know nothing about it or don't care, don't read)

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Ugh, this is already getting reeeeally long, but I just wanted to mention a little something (since I already mentioned buying that Japanese thing): I'm considering learning Japanese. I've been considering it for a while (and have learned almost half of the Hiragana alphabet—やった!), but hadn't been too serious about it. Now it's most likely on my already long (but now most likely completed) list of languages I want to be at least somewhat fluent in (German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese), though I might knock off a couple in the future.

I really like FFVII. Started playing it again. BUT very scratched first disc = me very sad. :'< Might get new one. Don't know.

Reading FFVII-related stuff makes me happy. Yay! Might learn Japanese. Also yay.

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Oy have I been busy with school. It's been a little ridiculous (not really, but it's felt like it).

Something I will never do again: take two History classes at once (and never one again with this professor). Or take on five students at once with tutoring.

Not that I don't like tutoring, it just really depends. Sometimes I just don't know how to help the students I have—they just need too much help, or should just go back and take easier classes. The other ones, however, are fun to work with and make it fun.

I am a history minor, though, but I joined mainly for the one class, not 'cause of the class whose professor I don't really care for. I may be a dedicated student, but I'm not reading a book in a week for an exam when I have a paper for said class to do, sorry. (And the amount I have to read: redic) Only class I've felt the need to complain about.

So my workload overall is much, much more than I'm used to at school. I've not had the time to do much out of schoolwork in terms of hobbies and stuff—besides foreign languages, of course. I even added on Spanish like a week ago. So no writing, no reading (outside of class), no...wait, what were my hobbies again? D:

But, anyway, just felt like making a post since I never do that—haven't done much of note, though, so whatevs.

Oh, school, how fun

Okay, so school started a couple of weeks ago. So far, it's going great. I may be behind on a few readings, but they're interesting and not too hard to catch up on, so that's fine. I do have a pretty good spread this semester.

My roommates are pretty good; sometimes I don't think the one likes me all that much, but most other times I know it's fine. I think I might actually come off like I don't like him, that I don't say that much to him, like when I'm leaving and coming back and stuff—but I usually don't say much unless spoken to. Sorry. :<

As for the other two, I've bonded with them over many a Nazi Zombie game. Fun times, fun times.

CLASSES. I have some fun classes. Like Nazi Germany and the Holocaust (okay, not fun, but interesting). And Medieval Civilization, which I didn't think I would like all that much, but now I'm a history minor, so...yeah. Then there's English—bleh, but so far better than I thought it would be.

Then...there's French. Euhh, well, I've stopped kidding myself that I like French. I mean, I like studying it, reading it, writing it, but hearing it? I'm fine with speaking when I am able to actually say what I want to say, but hearing it...I already knew it was ugly, but I didn't know I totally disliked the language itself. Having gone to Germany for a few months didn't help things a bit, and my professor's from Africa, which makes him even harder to understand...but I'm getting better.

AND LAST BUT SO TOTALLY NOT LEAST, German Literature (from 1750 on). It is SO nice to be in a class all in German again (I am enjoying it immensely). It's even better than when I was in Germany, because in this class I'm actually LEARNING something (that's not vocab that I either already know or did not retain in the least), and my professor's accent is AWESOME. It's lovely, really. ♥

Anyway, I guess that's my spiel (haha). Hope you all are having a wonderful time, too!

(P.S. My dorm room's kick ass! Expensive, but kick ass!)
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Ja, so...

I don't like cars much. Never have. I think I've disappointed my dad a little—like how I don't get excited when I get a car. It's something that gets me from point A to point B. But at least I know that I appreciate having a working car. I appreciate not having a junker, and even though my car has some things wrong with it that make it very annoying to drive, it's still a nice little car. Better than my last one, even.

My car didn't get driven much while I was in Germany. My parents told me they would drive it every so often, and they did—turns out it wasn't enough. I don't blame them at all—who knew that the brakes would go bad? No accidents, fortunately. The brakes have just been locking up at the worst times—before when I backed up, it was the emergency brakes; then the right rear brake completely locked up no matter what direction I was going in.

Thankfully, that's all fixed now, and I don't have to worry about what car I need to use to go somewhere, like work.

Not an interesting entry, but I felt like writing something. So there.


P.S. I do know that I hate sports cars—I think they're ugly and just stupid. Why have all that power into a car when you can't really (legally) utilise it, anyway? Why put so much damn money in such a thing? Unless it's doing something for your livelihood—like a job, or...something—what's the point? It's almost worse of a waste of money than whores. I mean, srsly.

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June Update

Well, I haven't started anything with my Study Abroad journal, but I have been up to stuff. Since I got back in May I've been looking for a job. For a while, that wasn't going too well; I had put in applications at almost ten different locations and I hadn't heard anything. Finally, a couple days after putting in my seventh, I got a call from the Subway in town (located in a Shell gas station).

Well, I went in for the interview and a few days later, I got a call saying they wanted to start me that Saturday. I was like, woo-hoo! And then he told me that I was starting off in the convenience store. I was like, "Uhm, okay." I thought I had been clear that I was going for Subway, but I thought that maybe the C-store would be better.

Not quite sure about that. At first it wasn't all that great. But I think it was just because it was the first day. The second day was better, but I'm still not good enough at it for my own tastes. There's just too much I don't know (what all is on sale and which cigarettes are which), but I've already learned a lot for working there for two days, so I guess it's going okay.

Today was my first day off (only had to work two days), but I had kind of a bad morning which made my afternoon a little crappy, too. But whatevs. Maybe I'll get switched to Subway and like it there better.

I also made a writing blog, but have nothing there yet. I'll put in a link when I do.


P.S. The music I'm listening to (Styx) reminds me of a guy that went on the trip to Bielefeld. He was the, er, least-liked of the group. He was just annoying, and tried to be all like "i luvs styx i totully kno when this song was written even tho im 20 yrs off." Durgh.

Sorry guys

I didn't write anything over in Germany! But I promise, I'm going to fake it. You know, just for fun. I'm going to write bit by bit about what I did in Germany, probably as if I wrote it over there. Maybe a lot, maybe a few summary-like ones. I dunno. But it'll eventually get done—and I'll start eventually...
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Do you ever call friends or use the Internet when flying or do you use airplane time as an opportunity to unwind, read, or talk to strangers? How do you usually pass the time when you’re in the air?

     I HATE flying. Durrrgh! Even for an hour it's like, "COME ON." The first time I flew I tried reading a book, then tried sleeping, then I played some games, and then it was still only halfway through the flight, so I watched part of a movie, tried sleeping again, etc. It sucked.

     The second time I watched two whole movies (A Single Man [very good] and The King of Jail Breakers [also good]), watched part of three others. I think I tried to read, too. I don't really remember. Meh.

     EDIT (06-07-10): Oh, now I remember! I watched an episode of House, too. Whoops.